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Cairns Storage

Also see www.cairnsmulgravestorage.com.au for other storage solutions. Have you ever been in need of Cairns storage and couldn’t find a business that was both reputable and could also accommodate your needs? We are one of the leading Cairns storage businesses in the region and have a track record based on years of professional service and attention to customer care and honesty. Our Cairns storage business is built on fundamental policies of working with clients to meet their expectations and always over delivering and under promising on everything we do. There is a reason why we have become one of the most trusted Cairns storage businesses in the region and this reason is on our company policies.

While we also strive to provide an exceptional Cairns storage service in every way we also know that the cornerstone of this business is to provide customers with highly secure personal Cairns storage as well as allowing reasonable simple access so customers can retrieve or add to goods in the facility. We have developed a great method of ensuring people can access the Cairns storage centre with key card access available 7 days a week and on site managers should you require any assistance while using our centre.
We have built our Cairns storage on state of the art technology and there is closed circuit cameras as well as high tensile surrounding fencing to ensure your goods are kept safe. We also take the weather conditions very seriously and have designed the Cairns storage centre in a way so that flooding is not an issue which is important with the high amounts of rainfall that we experience in the region. Our Cairns storage building is also designed to easily cope with any mould or mildew problems that may arise due to the climatic conditions of the area.

If you are a personal Cairns storage user you will find that we have some very affordable and simple, no fuss options that can be had at very affordable prices. These Cairns storage types are best suited if you want to store some unused household items or if you need the space for the short term while you are relocating to or from the area. You can also use our residential level Cairns storage to house larger items such as cars and boats and these can be easily arranged for long or short periods. Of course, you maintain full access to the Cairns storage 7 days a week and can remove items at any time you choose while we are open.

If you are a business Cairns storage user you will find there is an exciting range of products and services that we can custom make to suit your needs. Whether you need large Cairns storage spaces to house furniture, signage or even vehicles we can help. We also work with a lot of businesses in the effective and successful long or short term keeping of documents and files in our document specific Cairns storage wing. This is very important for business as this type of Cairns storage must always be kept clean and dry so as to maintain the document integrity. This is a reason why our Cairns storage has a lot of repeat business customers.

If you need any assistance with Cairns storage for business or personal use, or for long or short term use please contact our friendly staff today and get on the road to the best business of our type in the region. For all your Cairns storage needs contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you. Also see www.cairnsmulgravestorage.com.au for other storage solutions.

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Cairns Self Storage are a local inner city storage facility that can provide efficient options to store your goods for long or short term periods. We also provide clients with a class leading Cairns document storage service that caters to the strict needs of the local business community. As a Cairns storage centre that is open 7 days a week we pride ourselves on being one of the most secure and versatile businesses of this type in the region. While we do have small storage solutions we also cater to larger requirements and are able to provide highly secure Cairns car storage for both long term as well as short term. This same unite type also appeals to our Cairns boat storage customers, some whom store their boats with us during the wet season and retrieve them during the boating season.


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