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Cairns Boat Storage

Also see www.cairnsmulgravestorage.com.au for other storage solutions. We all know the usual story, when someone buys a vessel it is usually only ever used once in a blue moon and before long the owner is looking at Cairns boat storage options. Especially when we live in our unique part of the world where we need to maintain the best products for outer reef excursions we need to make sure that when we aren’t using them they are tucked away safely in secure and dry Cairns boat storage. We have built up a Cairns boat storage solution that suits most of the everyday vessels that are in the area and we have short or long term Cairns boat storage available. You tell us what you need when it comes to your Cairns boat storage and we will do our best to customise a package and be accommodating of your needs.

There is a limit on what size of vessel we can house in our Cairns boat storage but it covers anything up to a 5m boat meaning we can work with most owners in finding a suitable solution for Cairns boat storage. The best part about our very secure and very safe inner city Cairns boat storage is that we can provide these solutions to you at a fraction of the price of other providers because we are a small family run business with a passion for providing people with the security that comes from exceptional Cairns boat storage.

We have some Cairns boat storage customers who run fishing tours to the inlets, estuaries and reefs off the region and when not in tourist season they choose us for storing their vessel. Indeed, with a reputation for looking after the needs of the local tourist business community with exceptional Cairns boat storage we are more than equipped to work with personal clients with their own personal property and provide unrivalled Cairns boat storage.

We began in the Cairns boat storage industry more than 20 years ago and as lovers of sea vessels ourselves we understand that there is a lot of trust being placed on us when we carry out this service. With this in mind you are assured that we treat your Cairns boat storage needs as if they were our own and we will make sure your property is well cared for and looked after with an emphasis on keeping everything safe and secure. Even if you are only using our Cairns boat storage for the short term we can work with you in making an acceptable package a reality.

If you are a corporate customer you can expect us to provide you with a willingness to work closely with you in your Cairns boat storage needs and as you are aware, there are strict policies in place from our end that safeguards your investment with us and strengthens our commitment to your Cairns boat storage.

If you are in the market for a business to professionally handle all of your Cairns boat storage needs then contact our great sales team today and discuss your available options. Keep in mind that when it comes to Cairns boat storage we can work closely with you to devise a plan and a term that best suits your needs and it is this adaptability that customers continually flock to. When it comes to Cairns boat storage we take it very seriously and have structured our business around making the safe deliver of this service a perfect reality for you – our valuable Cairns boat storage client. Also see www.cairnsmulgravestorage.com.au for other storage solutions.

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Cairns Self Storage are a local inner city storage facility that can provide efficient options to store your goods for long or short term periods. We also provide clients with a class leading Cairns document storage service that caters to the strict needs of the local business community. As a Cairns storage centre that is open 7 days a week we pride ourselves on being one of the most secure and versatile businesses of this type in the region. While we do have small storage solutions we also cater to larger requirements and are able to provide highly secure Cairns car storage for both long term as well as short term. This same unite type also appeals to our Cairns boat storage customers, some whom store their boats with us during the wet season and retrieve them during the boating season.


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